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  • Sheet molding compound, SMC machine

    SMC special production equipment for sheet molding compound SMC is the abbreviation of "Sheet Moulding Compound" in English, which means sheet molding compound, which is a new type of thermosetting molded composite material.

    203 2022-01-03
01 Design
02 Cutting
03 Welding
06 Processing
05 Shot
04 Annealing
07 Assembly
08 Packaging
09 Delivery
10 E&C

Using FULL CAD Drawing,
2D or 3D design of the high quality press
that meets specifications approval
requirements by customers

Cutting (CNC automatic cutting)
by the 2D CAD Drawing Layout
that is designed according to specifications
approved by customers

Perform the grinding work and remove
elements hindering the operations, scale, slag
and other welding by using
the specified welding rod (CO2 WIRE)

Improved the reduction of residual stress
and material quality of the welding section
by the annealing (heat treatment)

Operation to remove the mill scale and
impurities on the surface for
the high quality of the press (AIR SHOT BLAST)

Perform process operations in accordance
with materials, dimensions, tolerances,
and illumination specified in the design
specifications. (CNC BORING, PLANER)

Foreign Image enhancement and
product quality improvement by performing
the plumbing, wiring, assembly, test operation
and paint job according to specifications

Packaging operations in preparation
for the damage, waterproof, moisture-proof,
theft, loss, temperature, and corrosion
by the impact of the product

Deliver products by dispatching

appropriate transportation vehicles

after checking the block-specific

weight of press products.

Perform the plumbing, wiring, assembly
and operation during the installation
according to specifications in order to provide
the high quality press to the customer

Our company maximizes the use of national and industry standards, strictly control each process, guarantee the quality of each component. After the equipment is slod to our customer, we will do a full set of survey about the performance of our equipment, then improve our technology and quality. We also got the ISO9001:2008 and CE certificate. The company is the largest and with complete machining process in the Sichuan province.