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    SMC special production equipment for sheet molding compound SMC is the abbreviation of "Sheet Moulding Compound" in English, which means sheet molding compound, which is a new type of thermosetting molded composite material.

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7500T Metal Door Embossig Hydrualic Press Machine

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Eight column metal door embossing hydraulic machine is optimized by computer. The eight-column structure is simple, economical and practical.


This eight-column metal door embossing hydraulic machine is optimized by computer. The eight-column structure is simple, economical and practical. The frame-type structure has good rigidity, high precision and strong anti-offset capability. The hydraulic control system adopts a cartridge-type integrated system. The action is reliable, the service life is long, the hydraulic impact is small, the connecting pipeline and the leakage point are reduced; the electrical system controlled by the imported PLC is compact, the work is sensitive and reliable, and the use and maintenance are convenient.




Stamping & Deep drawing hydraulic presses have multi-function can process sheet metal including technology like deep drawing, stamping, bending, cutting and flanging. It can apply on almost ALL kinds of forming technology, so it also be called as Universal hydraulic press. Usually it can be used on following technology.

Metal sheet (thickness<3mm) deep drawing, bending, flanging, cold extrusion, cutting

Metal Plate (thickness>3mm) deep drawing, bending, flanging, cold extrusion, cutting (ZHENGXI Special Design)

We are able to custom manufacture hydraulic metal stamping presses in a wide range of sizes and capacities as per customers’requirement. Production line included 1000T 800T 600T, below basic data is only for reference.


Machine Picture





Machine Features


  1. The 8 column hydraulic press adopts the integral steel plate welded frame type frame. The overall rigidity is good, the compressive strength is high, the fuselage type variable is less than 1/5000, and the scrap rate of large parts is extremely low, which can greatly reduce the mold cost.
  2. The overall structure is strong, the four-corner and eight-sided guide rails are not easy to shake, and the anti-loading ability is strong, and the anti-loading capacity reaches 300mm.
  3. Fast speed, the fastest drop speed can reach 700mm/s, and it can quickly position and pressurize without impact. After clamping, the pressure is fast and no impact.
  4. H Frame hydraulic press is suitable for stamping, forming, stretching, shaping, overmolding and trimming of metal or non-metal parts.


Servo System

Servo System Composition

Advantages of Servo System


  1. Energy saving

Compared with the traditional variable pump system, the servo oil pump system combines the fast stepless speed regulation characteristics of the servo motor and the self-regulating oil pressure characteristics of the hydraulic oil pump, which brings huge energy saving potential, and the energy saving rate can reach up to 30%-80%.


The response speed is fast and the response time is as short as 20ms, which improves the response speed of the hydraulic system.


Hydraulic Control System

The hydraulic system adopts integrated cartridge valve control system with fast response speed and high transmission efficiency.

All motors, pumps and pipes are fitted based on advanced Europe technology to achieve shock-resistance.

ZHENGXI Hydraulic Press is an ISO:9001, CE  certified company, we offer you various hydraulic press machine and other series of composites molding press. Contact us and get a detail on our machine.


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