This  manual  sets  out  to  describe  Sheet  Moulding  Compound  (SMC)  and  Bulk  Moulding  Compound  (BMC),  their composition, characteristics, processing, end-uses and recycling. Recommendations are given on how to achieve the best results and how to maximise the benefits that these unique materials offer. It is primarily intended to inform and assist design engineers and technicians, especially those working in the following industries:



1. Electrical & Electronics (mechanical integrity and electrical insulation)


Low voltage and medium voltage energy systems Fuses and switchgear
Cabinets and junction boxes Motor and anchor insulations
Encapsulation of wiring and electronic circuits Electrical components with reduced surface resistivity Lamp housings


2. Mass Transportation (light weight and fire resistance)


Train, tram interior and body parts Electrical components

Track switch components

Under the hood components for trucks

3. Automotive & Truck (low fuel emissions through weight reduction)

Light weight body panels for vehicles
Lighting systems, headlamp reflectors and LED lighting Structural parts, front ends, interior dashboard parts body panels for trucks and agricultural vehicles


4.  Domestic Appliances (manufacturing in large volumes)

Iron heat shields
Coffee machine components Microwave ware
White goods components, grips and handles Pump housings as metal substitution
Motor housings as metal substitution


5. Engineering (strength and durability)

Functional parts in mechanical engineering as metal substitution Pump components for various media

Sport equipment, golf caddy

Safety products for leisure and public application


SMC BMC Applications