The SMC water tank is a new type of water tank currently adopted internationally. It is assembled by the overall high-quality SMC water tank plate. It is characterized by the use of food-grade resin, so the water quality is good, clean and pollution-free; it has the characteristics of high strength, light weight, corrosion resistance, beautiful appearance, long service life and convenient maintenance and management.

SMC Hydraulic Press

Frame type composite moulding hydraulic press is mainly suitable for thermosetting and thermoplastic and other various plastic materials compression molding, high product and high precision products.
It is widely used in automobile, aviation, high-speed rail and other transportation industries and home furnishing, power industry, for SMG / BMC / DMC / GMT, etc.

1. Eight sides guiding structure, enlarge guiding area, greatly improved incline load proof capacity.

2. Uniform distribution of multiple cylinders, design of Cross Beam 3. Heightening, making the forming process more stable.

4. Hydraulic system is installed on the roof with maintenance platform, environmentally friendly, low noise and easy maintenance.

5. Shutting mold speed more than 500mm/s, multiple-stage slow speed pressure forming, reasonable reserved exhaust time

6. With the function of high pressure slow opening mold, suitable for high products.

7. Quick response of system, numerical control system, the energy saving rate of oil pump can reach 40%-80%.

8. Microcomputer closed-loop heating control system, temperature control can reach ±2℃, mold heating energy saving more than 10%.

SMC Mould


ZHENGXI has a knowledgeable engineering team with over 10 years experience in mould industry. Utilizing the latest modeling software to take the client’s 2D/3D data into mould drawings.All mold designs are then validated to our customer’s tooling standard and moulding specifications.

We believe quality begin with mould design capability and consider it to be the key to the successful of mold making. At ZHENGXI we have invested in both people and technology to ensure that our designs meet your highest expectations

ZHENGXI use advanced measuring facilities, such as: Co-ordinate Measuring Machines(CMM),electronic gauge,etc.) and well-constructed quality control system to control every process of design, production and quality check efficiently. All of these activities are carried out in our factory to strict quality control guidelines by our experienced staff to ensure they meet our customers' specific requirements.

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SMC Water Tank Moulding