• Sheet molding compound, SMC machine

    SMC special production equipment for sheet molding compound SMC is the abbreviation of "Sheet Moulding Compound" in English, which means sheet molding compound, which is a new type of thermosetting molded composite material.

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SMC special production equipment for sheet molding compound SMC is the abbreviation of "Sheet Moulding Compound" in English, which means sheet molding compound, which is a new type of thermosetting molded composite material. It is widely used in the fields of automobile industry, construction, electrical appliances, and civil use. The production equipment is a dedicated unit that integrates glass fiber cutting, sedimentation distribution (unsaturated polyester resin paste) impregnation, laminating, coiling and other functions.


2. Features
  The SMC sheet machine produced by our unit adopts German SCHMIDT&HEINZMANN production technology, combined with more than ten years of domestic production experience, and independently researched and developed a domestic leading level of SMC special machinery. The main components of this equipment: cutting and settling, main machine, coiling, electrical control parts. Reasonable structure, convenient operation, reliable control, small size, high output, 2-3 times of similar products. The equipment adopts advanced microcomputer frequency conversion speed regulation device, which saves 40% energy compared with the German equipment, and the adjustment range of the sand content is enlarged, and the adjustment is reliable and accurate. The yarn cutter roller adopts a spiral form to reduce noise and increase the service life of the rubber roller and blade. The take-up part is driven by a torque motor, which saves electricity and labor.
The main technical parameters
1. Sheet width: 1000mm
2. Sheet thickness: 1.5mm-5mm
3. Production rate: 1000kg/h
4. Main motor power: 3kw
5. Yarn cutting motor power: 1.5kw
6. Winding motor power: 5N.M
7. Dimensions: Length X Width X Height (5000-8000) X2000X1800
8. The weight of the unit is about 3000kg

Sheet molding compound, SMC machine