• Sheet molding compound, SMC machine

    SMC special production equipment for sheet molding compound SMC is the abbreviation of "Sheet Moulding Compound" in English, which means sheet molding compound, which is a new type of thermosetting molded composite material.

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China Comosites Expo is one of exhibitions that ZHENGXI always attend every year.

China Composites Expo is the largest and most influential composite material industry exhibition in China and even in Asia,.Organizer based on the influence of the 23 years of accumulated experience and enjoys a good reputation at home and abroad.The organizer has extensive and profound influence in the field of composite materials in China.This exhibition will deeply explore the new development model of Chinese composite materials, focus on the most powerful voice in the field of composite materials in China and the world, and strive to build a professional, authoritative and diversified international composite material exchange platform.

With the continuous market demand and the rapid development of the composites material, SMC/BMC/FRP industries, in order to compete in the market, there are generally products such as FRP and high-strength plastics in the market; due to the advantages of appropriate cost, short manufacturing cycle and simple process, it is widely used and applied rapidly. The industry is growing rapidly.


There are many kinds of composite materials, and the composite materials widely used in hydraulic machine forming on the market are glass fiber, carbon fiber, basalt fiber and other leading materials. SMC Molding Press
The hydraulic press mainly undertakes the molding process in the product process, and uses various shaped molds to pass high pressure and thermosetting. Depending on the mold and product formulation, composite products of various shapes, colors, and strengths are produced.


The frame-type composite molding machine designed by Zhengxi Hydraulic Company mainly has the advantages of high efficiency, energy saving, environmental protection, precision and stability. Among them, it adopts eight-face orientation, servo precision control, fast positioning of 0.01mm, and pressure control within 0.2%. It has strong stability, low scrap rate and fast product formation. It is now recognized by many people in the market and successfully sold to Europe.

ZHENGXI China Composites EXPO Exhibition 2019