• What is the advantage of BMC manhole cover?

    BMC manhole covers are our new material manhole covers. In order to ensure the safety of people, our company has adhered to the principle of quality first and customer first in the production of manhole covers. Batches of manhole covers are shipped to all parts of the country. 

    23 2021-07-09


BMC manhole covers are our new material manhole covers. In order to ensure the safety of people, our company has adhered to the principle of quality first and customer first in the production of manhole covers. Batches of manhole covers are shipped to all parts of the country. This article introduces you Let's take a look at the value and advantages of resin composite manhole covers.
1. Strong anti-theft performance: The resin composite manhole cover is made of unsaturated resin, glass fiber and other materials and steel reinforcement framework through a special production process. After high temperature grinding and pressing, the material has no recycling value and it is very difficult to take out the steel. The cost exceeds the value of the steel), so it has the function of active anti-theft.
2. Large bearing capacity: The bottom adopts a special pot-bottom structure, which increases the force-bearing area more than ten times or even dozens of times. The continuous reinforcing fiber filaments used ensure that the fiber filaments and the glass fiber cloth are integrated, so that the product has sufficient load-bearing capacity. And meet or exceed national standards.
 3. Long service life: through the use of high-performance resin, glass fiber and special production process formula, the penetration of the resin in the glass fiber is ensured, and the bonding force between the two is greatly enhanced, so that the material is not affected by the cyclic load. Produce internal damage, thereby ensuring the service life of the product and the same superiority of other resin composite manhole covers. Eliminate the disadvantages of poor adhesion.
  4. Beautiful and practical, high-grade: According to the needs of high-end customers, a personalized design with complex LOGO and multiple colors on the surface of the same manhole cover can be made to make the pattern delicate, bright and distinct. And according to customer needs, various imitation stone surfaces and colors that are the same as various stone pavements can be made.
 5. High temperature/low temperature resistance, good insulation performance, strong corrosion resistance: the product is corrosion resistant, non-toxic and harmless. Without metal additives, it has a real insulation effect. It can be used in complex, changeable, harsh and demanding places. The products have been tested by relevant national authoritative testing institutions and have obvious acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, and aging resistance and other indicators have reached and exceeded national standards.
  6. Environmental protection, non-slip, low noise: the product will not slip, no harsh noise and reverse phenomenon after the car is rolled. At the same time, due to the light weight of the product, the cover and the seat are precisely buckled, which overcomes the problems of "jumping, swaying, ringing, and shifting" of other inspection manhole covers. Cast iron manhole covers have been in existence for many years, and now the entire Guizhou composite manhole cover industry has also been rapidly developed. BMC manhole cover material refers to a manhole cover made of unsaturated resin and short fiber. This kind of manhole cover has very distinct advantages, easy to obtain materials, and price. Low cost, easy to produce, light in weight and corrosion resistant. Compared with old cast iron manhole covers, BMC manhole covers have one of the biggest advantages. They are natural anti-theft and have no theft value. However, the only disadvantage is the carrying capacity. After all, they are not as good as cast iron manhole covers. Use on non-trunk roads.

What is the advantage of BMC manhole cover?